Going into creating this film, we weren’t entirely sure what we were looking for. As the journey began though, the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place. Aaron and I sat down one night and went down a rabbit hole. Why do we love riding our motorcycles so much? What is it that keeps us going time and time again? Questions that have fascinated the two of us for quite sometime. It became clear to us that through riding, we were able to tap into something that otherwise couldn’t be tapped into. A door seems to open for Aaron whenever he is on his motorcycle. The world becomes a blank canvas and his bike becomes a medium for which he can express his true authentic self. When you do the things you love to do, your truest self comes to life.

Having had this realization, we knew what we wanted the film to say. Our hope is that when viewers see this, they can resonate, become inspired, and chase after whatever makes them feel their most authentic self. A Drifting Up is an introspective look into what passion can bring out of someone and how important it can be to becoming your highest self.

Director/DP/Editor: Dylan Wineland
Rider: Aaron McClintock
Aerial Cinematography: Connor Barnes
AC: Connor Barnes
Color: Aiden Ulrich
Sound: Keith White Audio
Music: “Mysterium”- Hammock themusicbed.com